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Welcome to a realm where precision meets performance. Our fishing reels are meticulously crafted in our Virginia Beach, VA shop, embodying the pinnacle of design and engineering. Each feature tells a story of innovation, leaving no detail overlooked. Join us on a journey where excellence is not just a goal; it's a standard. Handshake guaranteed, because at SEiGLER, our word is our bond.

Dialing in Excellence:

SEiGLER's Lever Drag Mastery
First and foremost it is about precision. With a lever drag system, you have finer control over the amount of pressure applied to the fish during the fight. This level of adjustability allows for more accurate settings tailored to the size and strength of your target.
The design ensures a linear and reliable release of line, reducing the risk of sudden jerks that might occur with other drag systems. This is crucial when dealing with powerful and unpredictable fish.

Engineered for anglers seeking unmatched performance and durability.
Your Trust, Our Commitment

Our designs are not just products; they're a testament to our dedication to excellence. From the initial concept to the finished product, nothing is overlooked. Each reel tells a story of precision, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of performance. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of our design features, where simplicity meets sophistication, and every component serves a purpose. At SEiGLER, a handshake and our word define our commitment to quality, ensuring that each reel is not just a tool but an extension of the angler's skill and experience on the water. Let's explore the craftsmanship behind our reels and discover the art of redefining fishing excellence.

Simplicity in Motion

Unlocking the Advantages of SEiGLER's Lever Functionality
Experience the dynamic precision of SEiGLER Fishing Reels' drag adjustment in motion. Our innovative preset design ensures seamless adaptability, providing you with unparalleled control and responsiveness on the water. Explore the art of drag mastery with SEiGLER—where every movement counts.

How to Adjust the Preset Knob

  1. Free Position: Always start with the lever in the free position, towards the tip of the rod.
  2. Clockwise for More Pressure: To increase the maximum drag pressure, turn the preset knob clockwise. Each click adds a bit more power.
  3. Counter Clockwise for Less Pressure: Need less pressure? No problem. Turn the preset knob counter-clockwise. Each click decreases the drag, allowing for a more refined setting.
  4. Small Increments: Make adjustments in small increments, ideally one to three clicks at a time. Here's a pro tip: Each click roughly equals a pound at maximum pressure, giving you precise control over your settings.
  5. Refine as Needed: Test the drag after each adjustment. Refine the settings until you achieve the perfect balance for your fishing style and conditions.

Unleash control with SEiGLER Fishing Reels! Witness the mechanics of excellence as our precision-engineered lever seamlessly applies drag. Elevate your fishing experience with the artistry of drag adjustment at your fingertips. Explore the seamless blend of technology and craftsmanship.

How To Applying Drag Pressure

  1. Set Your Preset: Before anything else, make sure your reel is preset to the maximum output you desire. This is your baseline for the lever's functionality.
  2. Free or Stripping Position: When you're ready to use the reel, push the lever forward to the "Free or Stripping Position." This is your starting point, allowing you to effortlessly manage the line.
  3. Apply Drag: Now, if you need to adjust the drag, pull the lever backward towards yourself. The motion is smooth and intuitive, letting you apply just the right amount of drag for the situation.

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Crafted Excellence

Unveiling SEiGLER's Unique Features
Dovetail Stability: Precision dovetail foot for seamless reel-to-rod integration. Fast Handle Control: Responsive preset knob for swift on-the-fly adjustments. Precise Drag Settings: Fine-tuned detents on drag levers for optimal control.
SEiGLER Fly Fishing Reel in stunning silver. Red arrows highlight design features like the oversized power handle, dovetail foot, drag preset knob, Drag Lever, Counterweight, and hubcap. The schematic-style image emphasizes the immaculate precision in machining and intricate work, all crafted in our Virginia Beach CNC shop. Each part reflects SEiGLER's expert craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail in the art of reel design.
Below are explanation to understand our features and how they are solutions for you on the water.

Elevated Ingenuity

Spool Side Innovations by SEiGLER
SEiGLER fly reels Custom anti-reverse bearing: Enhances precision, eliminates back play, and provides instant pressure for clutch plate engagement.
Clutch Bearing
This component enhances precision, eliminates back play, and delivers instantaneous pressure to engage our clutch plates. 

 How to Reverse from Right to Left Retrieve
Machined handles by SEIGLER Fishing Reels: Unparalleled control and comfort. Advanced bushing systems ensure smooth and reliable performance.
Our machined handles provide unparalleled control and comfort, while our advanced bushing systems guarantee a smooth and reliable performance.
SEIGLER Fly Reels: Thrust plate with purpose-built clicker surface and stainless springs, delivering a distinctive audible sound as the line is pulled from the reel.
Clicker Assembly
The incorporation of a thrust plate with a purpose-built clicker surface, paired with stainless springs, ensures a distinctive  audible sound when the line is being pulled from the reel. 
How to Reverse from Right to Left Retrieve
SEIGLER Fly Reels: Hubcap cover ingeniously secured with a sealing O-ring for a snug fit. E-clip ensures tight, dependable connection, ensuring precise alignment and stability.

Hubcap & E-Clip
The Hubcap cover ingeniously attaches to the spool using a sealing O-ring, providing a secure fit, while the E-clip ensures a tight and dependable connection, ensuring precise alignment and stability.
Main Case Side Innovations by SEiGLER
SEIGLER Fly Reels: The lever, a direct interface for anglers to engage with the drag system. Pulling it towards oneself increases pressure, applying effective resistance.
Drag Lever
The lever acts as a direct interface for anglers to interact with the drag system.Pulling the lever toward oneself increases the pressure on the drag system, effectively applying more resistance.

SEIGLER Fly Reels: Precision-designed drag system with a cam for exact pressure control. Ideal for handling various fish sizes and challenging fighting conditions.
The drag system's design, including the cam, allows for precise control over the amount of pressure applied. This is crucial for handling different fish sizes and fighting conditions.

Each reel comes with Right & Left hand cams
Learn How to Change
SEIGLER Fly Reels: Preset knob for selecting the maximum drag level. Turning the knob sets the upper limit of resistance exerted by the cam when a fish pulls on the line.
Preset Knob
The preset knob allows anglers to set their desired maximum drag level. As they turn the knob, they are essentially choosing the upper limit of resistance that the cam will exert when a fish pulls on the line.

Note: All SEiGLER Fly Fishing Reels Are Easily Reversible

SEIGLER Fly Reels: Asymmetrical spool designed to strengthen and enhance the fishing experience. Head-on view of our New BFN fly fishing reel 10wt
Why Are Our Fly Spool Arbors Shaped
The asymmetrical spool feature on your fishing reels is indeed significant for line management. By allowing the line to automatically lay on the down-facing side, it reduces stress and torque on the shaft when under load. The design, with the inner side of the spool lower than the outer side, is akin to putting a book on the inner side of a cantilevered shelf, distributing pressure more evenly. This not only improves the overall performance of the reel but also enhances the longevity of the components, making it an appealing feature for anglers seeking efficient and durable equipment.
Exceptional stainless steel craftsmanship – our high-performance fishing reels feature precision-engineered components made from the finest 316 and 304 stainless steel alloys. Renowned for their durability and corrosion resistance, these premium materials guarantee longevity and optimal performance in diverse fishing conditions.
What Parts are Stainless Steel in Our Fly Reel
In crafting our high-performance fishing reels, we employ the finest US certified stainless materials, including both 316 and 304 stainless steel. These premium stainless alloys are meticulously chosen for their durability and corrosion resistance. Whether it's the robust 316 stainless or the versatile 304 stainless, each contributes to the overall excellence of our reels, ensuring longevity and optimal performance in diverse fishing condition
Seigler Reels' saltwater lineup excels with bushings over bearings made from Igus material, ensuring superior performance in harsh environments.
Why Bushings over Bearings in our Fly Reels
Our reels featuring bushings, surpassing traditional bearings. Benefit from low wear rates, quiet operation, and high load capacity, ensuring durability and smooth performance. These bushings resist chemicals, dirt, dust, UV light, and corrosion, providing versatility in various environments. They offer self-lubrication, maintenance-free operation, Whether facing tough challenges or being drug underwater, our fishing reels are crafted for excellence, blending advanced technology with unmatched reliability to redefine your angling journey.
seigler fly fishing reels Dovetail Foot: Lower profile, superior strength, and replaceable for enhanced performance.
DoveTail Foot
SEiGLER's revolutionary Dovetail foot design, providing the lowest rod-to-reel connection out there. This not only reduces fatigue during extensive casting sessions but also minimizes the torsional stresses from larger arbor reels, enhancing your angling endurance.

Our reels exemplify the robustness of the dovetail joint, ensuring unparalleled performance in every fishing endeavor. What sets our design apart is its travel-friendly innovation – should mishaps occur while you're on the move with the reel off the rod, fret not! The SEiGLER Dovetail foot design allows for seamless replacement, preserving the integrity of your fishing experience.
Learn How to Replace
What is Start Up Inertia?
Why is it So Important in Fly fishing Reels
Start-up inertia refers to the resistance a fishing reel experiences when initially pulling the fishing line. It can cause a jump or pulse, affecting the smoothness of the fishing experience. Your innovative drag clutch, utilizing carbon fiber and stainless materials with a proprietary method, eliminates start-up inertia. This means that when the line pulls off under pressure, users won't experience the typical jump or pulse, providing a smoother and more efficient fishing reel experience. This unique feature sets your reels apart by enhancing performance and offering a seamless fishing encounter.
Wes SEiGLER's  meticulously arranged pile of fly fishing gear, checked off the list before being packed into a travel bag. Embrace destination angling without letting gear restrictions hold you back.
Our Fly Reel Travel Parts Kit comes with every reel and it is designed to address each of these scenarios comprehensively.  Comprising all the necessary parts and pieces, our Travel Kit empowers you to remotely fix any unexpected issues that may arise. From minor adjustments to unforeseen challenges, we've meticulously assembled this kit to cater to the diverse needs of anglers on the go.
Fly Reel Travel Parts Kit
The SEiGLER Travel Kit, an indispensable companion that accompanies every reel.Comprising all the necessary parts and pieces, our Travel Kit empowers you to remotely fix any unexpected issues that may arise.
Kit Includes the following:
Replacement foot, Foot fastener, E-clip, Mainshaft dowel, Drag lever Dowels, Opposing retrieve cam, Hubcap O-ring and a Lever washer

Embarking on the Journey of Mastering the Art of Fighting Fish

Our uniquely designed reel is like unlocking a whole new dimension of angling expertise. As you delve into the intricacies of our reel's design, you'll start to appreciate the thoughtful nuances we've incorporated for one purpose – to enhance your fishing experience.

It's not just about a lever; it's a gateway to a more efficient and satisfying way of battling those elusive catches. Each element has a purpose, meticulously crafted to give you the upper hand in the thrill of the fight.

Ready to dive into the secrets of our reel's design and discover the advantages that set us apart? Click on the link below for some pro tips on maximizing your performance on the water. Let's elevate your fishing game together!

Learn the SEiGLER Advantages
A Belize-caught Permit proudly displayed, captured with a Seigler SF reel. The smooth drag, facilitated by the lever, ensures a seamless battle while landing the holy grail of the saltwater fly world.