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SEiGLER Gallery

Seigler Fishing Reel with low profile reel foot on shimano Treval rod
SGN Signature with Low Pro Reel Foot
fishing reel and rod with sun in the background.
Rigged and Ready to go to Work
All black fishing reels.
Seigler saltwater fly reel on boat with sun in background.
Early Morning Casting
Seigler Small Fly reel on log.
Find your Adventure
Seigler fly reel on boat with box.
SEiGLER Box Challenge Awaits You
Main case of fishing reel on the DMG.
Side Cases on the DMG
Side case of fishing reel inside tumbler.
Side Cases Ready for Tumbling
Building fishing reels.
Installing the Lever
Front view of the Seigler Big Fly saltwater fly reel.
Front view of the SEiGLER BF Fly Reel
Asymmetrical spool of the seigler Big fly saltwater fly reel.
Asymmetrical Spool on the SEiGLER BF Fly Reel
Lever drag system on the seigler BF saltwater fly reel.
Lever Drag System on the SEiGLER BF Fly Reel 
Worker tightening a tool.
Tool Change 
Servicing a fishing reel.
Servicing Fishing Reels
engraving preset knobs.
Preset Knobs Ready for Engraving 
Bonefish in Seychelles
Applying the Preset Knob
Blank Fly Reel Spools
A crate full of brass cams for a lever drag fishing reel.
Brass Cams
Maincase of seigler Large Game fishing reel.
Ready for Engraving
Pinion Gears lined up.
Pinion Gears
Big Fly Reel with extra parts.
Red Lever Drag 
Holding a micrometer to fly reel.
Measure twice
Fly Reels in an assembly room ready to be built.
Line'em up
Custom Seigler Fishing Reel
Custom Orange LG
seigler custom fishing reel with orange accents.
Custom Orange LG
custom seigler LG in Orange.
Custom Orange LG
Fly fishing reels backing connected to fly line.
Tying the Knot
Seigler Saltwater fly reel.
Tools of the Trade
Seigler BF Saltwater fly reel
BF (Big Fly) Saltwater Fly Reel
Three silver seigler fishing reel spools.
Tuning Spools
Red Fishing Reel next to raw material.
From Raw to Red
Blue fishing reel on tray.
SG (Small Game) with Blue Accents