Customer Commitment

Our mission is to deliver a reel with the capabilities, performance and features that our customers have always asked for, but never gotten in one package. We have spent years listening for those ‘wishes,’ and have acted to create the product our customers have always wanted.

We operate around a core value of honesty that drives every reel we make and every interaction we have with our customers and partners. We aren’t marketers, we are anglers who know how important it is to know that your reel has your back no matter what you put it up against. We run our business like we build our reels, without unnecessary parts or pieces so there are no smoke or mirrors in what we make and how we make it.


We firmly believe that we make the most reliable product available, and stand by that claim for every client, every time.

That said, we know that under certain circumstances, reels may stop performing to our standard. If that does happen, we will not only repair it under our lifetime warranty, but we’ll make it better to make sure that the issue never occurs again. Above all, we know that if the reel is in the shop, it’s not catching you fish, so we work hard with every customer to solve the problems at hand as effectively and quickly as possible, keeping you on the water.

If you have any questions about your reel or our policies, please contact us directly, we are always happy to chat with our customers and try to help troubleshoot any issues and keep your reel operating at top performance and on the water.

(757) 271-3113
We have a $25 processing fee that can be paid by credit card through this site, or with a check made out to Seigler Reels.

Ship your reel to:

1352 Taylor Farm Rd. Suite 109 Virginia Beach, VA 23453

If repair is not deemed a fault of product or craftsmanship, we will contact you to discuss additional options for repairing. We know accidents happen and our goal is to get you back on the water as soon as possible!