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Wes Seigler
High school Soccer ~ College Soccer (Ohio State) ~ Blew out knee ~ Rehab on bike ~ Turned pro racing bikes ~ Retired at 31 ~ Moved out to Chesapeake Bay ~ Built my home ~ Built my boat ~ Broke reels while fishing ~ Decided I can make 'em better ~ Outsourced ~ Learned CAD Solidworks ~ Bought CNC machines ~ Figured it out ~ Ran machines ~ Hired friends ~ Fired friends ~ Wow, this is hard ~ Web designer ~ Resident photographer ~ Booth designer ~ Branding guru ~ Taker of the Risks ~ To be continued..~

With all these experiences and a killer set of tools we can make anything!
"We all take issues with the reels personally and immediately try to solve them (even when it isn't good timing)."

Justin is an all around fishing nut! He enjoys fishing for anything from blue gill to catfish and croaker to tarpon. Before he started working at Truth Reels Justin was ceramic tile layer (and a darn good one at that!). However, after getting his hands on one of our reels he instantly feel in love and had to find a way to become part of the team; so in March of 2012 he became the first official employee. Justin has earned the title of Shop Manager and handles everything from programming, to setting up machines, and ordering materials…really he does what ever needs to be done. Justin is an angler at heart and his real calling is machining Wes's madness to life. Mixing his great sense of spatial design on our machines has yielded big time performance with our reels. One of his favorite parts of the job is the constant challenge of machining and making things better, but what he really loves is shooting the breeze with our customers!
"I love it here, co-workers are awesome and I love the opportunity to learn new things whether its about machining, improving reel or actually fishing.”

Russell has a true skinny water obsession, whenever an opportunity arises for fishing, you can bet he will be on a casting platform looking for his next shot. While studying at Old Dominion University, Russell served in the Army National Guard. Once he got word from his buddy that we were looking for someone to join our team, he didn’t waste any time to be apart of something he thought would be great. He was able to get a hold of Wes, (after 3 follow-ups!) and joined the team in May 2013. Russell was obessed from day one, starting as an assembler, but his sheer determination has landed him the General Manager position. He is the last touch of every reel, so our customers can experience the best from the beginning.
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