The Original: The Birth of the SG

SG (Small Game)

Lever Drag Fishing Reel

Where it all began...

The birth of the SG (Small Game) came from a passion for saltwater fishing and the impulse to create a reliable fishing reel. Founder and President of Seigler Fishing Reels, Wes Seigler, had just retired from his professional career of racing/designing bikes and moved back to Virginia.

Now living in Reedville, right on the Chesapeake Bay, Wes took advantage of his surroundings and got back into saltwater fishing. He found himself frequently repairing broken fishing reels which led to the founding of Release Reels when Wes finally said, "Why not make my own?"

The first production reel, the SG, started in 2009. Like most in the industry, they came from China. After having constant issues with quality and stolen ideas, Wes decided to move the company stateside.

In 2011, the SG was redesigned but the cost of outsourcing parts in the states began to rise. Wes turned to an alternative option and acquired two used CNC machines to produce his own parts. In 2012, Release Reels officially started production.

The SG was developed with the mindset of being able to handle anything in the Chesapeake Bay. Working with customers and recognizing feedback lead to adjustments and helps improve the reel. Being able to control the quality of production on the parts of the reel streamed the evolution of the SG.

The success of the SG influenced the development of our second model the LG. Since then, the company has continued to grow adding more models including star drags to meet the demands of various fishing styles. All SEiGLER Reels follow the same model, which is to design simple, reliable, durable fishing reels that are 100% made in the US.. and it all started with the SG.