SEiGLER Fishing Reels

OS (Offshore Small)

(Offshore Small Lever Drag Reel)

The OS was developed as the next stage up from our Large Game as our introduction into true Bluewater specific fishing. Created as the next stage up and a whole new category of strictly bluewater fishing. The OS was designed alongside premier east coast fishing capt's & mates. If your ambition has led you offshore in pursuit of a Marlin or a variety of Pelagics, this high-speed Billfishing machine is the choice for you. 

 Capacity: 700yds #20 Mono, 800yds #80 Braid
 Drag: 6-35lbs
 Weight: 24.6oz
 Retrieve: 58"
 Ball Bearings: 7
 Gear Ratio: 6:1