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Fly Fisherman's Best New Saltwater Reel 2023

Fly Fisherman's Best New Saltwater Reel 2023

We are honored to have the Seigler XBF (X Big Fly) Reel selected as Fly Fisherman's Best New Saltwater Reel for 2023!

XBF reel on rod with water in background and text "Best New Saltwater Reel"

This testament of our dedication to build the best American made fly fishing reels means everything to our staff. From the blueprints, through machining and assembly, to shipping our reels, we work hard at every step along the way to fulfill our goal. Our word is our guarantee.

The announcement came in a recent edition of the Gear Guide:

Ross Purnell praises the XBF:

"It's a constant game of hearing “reel it in, let's run,” from the guide, and then jumping back on the platform on a new flat, stripping out line, and resetting the drag. With the Seigler XBF it’s simple and quick to get back to exactly the drag setting you want with a flick of the lever."

"The 5-inch reel weighs 13 ounces, and has a dovetail reel seat that isn't just screwed to the frame. The two parts are machined and slotted together for a virtually unbreakable connection—and then screwed together"

"Here’s maybe the best part: Despite their functionality, Seigler reels are simple enough that you can take them apart in the field and reassemble them using no tools other than a fish hook."

Read the full article here: 

About the XBF Reel

The Xtra Big Game Saltwater Fly Reel is the ultimate Tarpon Fly Reel and was specifically designed for powerful fast fish! Customize and order your XBF reel here.

About Ross Purnell

Ross Purnell was born in Calgary, Alberta, and graduated from the University of Calgary (bachelor's degree) and later with a journalism diploma from Mount Royal College. After short stints as a fly-fishing guide, and as both a reporter and editor in the newspaper business, he was hired in 1996 by Fly Fisherman. In 2009 he became the editor of the magazine and in his 18 years on staff has fished in far off places like Patagonia, New Zealand, and Kamchatka, and all across North America from Alaska to Key West.

About Fly Fisherman Magazine

Fly Fisherman has been the leading magazine of fly fishing since 1969. Eight times per year we provide the best information on local and exotic destinations, tactics, and techniques to help fly fishers of all skill levels catch more fish, new fly patterns from the world’s best tiers, and the latest news on how we are preserving and restoring our valuable fisheries.