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SEiGLER Fishing Reels: Precision Engineering, Unmatched Toughness, and Award-Winning Excellence in Every Detail!

We take pride in crafting precision-engineered fishing reels that are as tough as the waters they navigate. Established in the heart of Virginia Beach, VA, our reels are a testament to American craftsmanship and a passion for angling. Experience excellence in every detail. Multi-time award-winning for performance and design innovations.
Wes Seigler, visionary founder of Seigler Fishing Reels, passionately crafting premium fishing gear in Virginia Beach, USA

Wes Seigler: Revolutionizing Performance for Top Anglers and Guides with Purposeful Innovation!

Wes Seigler, the founder and driving force behind his brand and designs, places a strong emphasis on performance, specifically tailored to meet the needs of the world's top anglers. Recognizing the critical importance of pushing limits, Wes shifted his focus to guides and their pivotal role in the fishing community. This led to a dedicated innovation process, creating reels that cater to the unique requirements of guides. His commitment to understanding and addressing the practical needs of guides underscores a dedication to producing fishing gear that not only stands out but, more importantly, enhances the overall performance and experience for those who rely on it professionally. Through a hands-on approach and collaboration with guides, Wes ensures that his reels are finely tuned to meet the rigorous demands of the fishing guide community, reflecting a brand ethos centered on real-world functionality.
Meet the Team Behind SEiGLER Fishing Reels:
Meet the exceptional team of dedicated craftsmen who pour their expertise and enthusiasm into every reel we create. Learn more about the hands and hearts that bring our reels to life.

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What Makes Our Drag System Superior and a Game Changer!

First and foremost is precision. With a lever drag system, you have finer control over the amount of pressure applied to the fish during the fight. This level of adjustability allows for more accurate settings tailored to the size and strength of your target.
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Guide Driven Design

This selectively assembled team of advisors goes beyond mere expertise;
They serve as the trailblazers of innovation, influencing the evolution of fishing reels for the future.
Meet our "Problem Finders"
SEiGLER Fishing Reels - Experience unrivaled performance and purpose-built features that set us apart from the rest. Discover the excellence in craftsmanship and design. Learn more!

Innovation and Design

Explore the intricate artistry behind SEiGLER Fishing Reels! Dive into our design process, where every detail is a testament to our commitment to excellence and quality craftsmanship. Click below to unravel the story of precision and passion that goes into creating each reel. Your journey to unrivaled performance starts here! ­čĹç
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The perfect 10 weight saltwater fly fishing reel for fast species has arrived!
4.5" Diameter .85" Width
Lightweight Narrow & Fast!
10 -12 weight Fly reel
10.2 oz
Permit and Tarpon
If you like larger diameter reels this is the reel for you!
Available Mid December

Everyone is Asking about Our Conventional Reels

It's essential to share some significant updates. Our commitment to crafting top-tier fishing reels remains unwavering, and I want to express sincere thanks for your continuous trust and support.

In our journey, we've decided to focus our production on our Flyfishing reel lineup. Recognizing the challenges posed by the competitive landscape, we are refining our focus to enhance your experience as proud Seigler fishing reel owners. While we continue to craft outstanding conventional reels, we're also exploring new designs and small-batch custom work in a direct-to-consumer model. This will allow less cluttered access for those who share our passion and understanding of our products.

The journey hasn't been without its challenges, especially against the giants of marketing and their vast distribution channels. Yet, with your unwavering support, we stand resilient and committed to continuous improvement. Rest assured, our dedication to exceptional service and readily available parts for all makes and models will remain a cornerstone of the Seigler experience.

Thank you for being an integral part of the Seigler family. Your feedback, loyalty, and passion for fishing inspire us to never settle and strive for excellence. We eagerly anticipate this next chapter and the opportunity to serve you better.

Gratefully, Wes Seigler.

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Coming Soon: Exciting Unveilings of Our New Freshwater Fly Reel Models

Here is a sneak peek of our newest prototypes
SEiGLER LF Fly Reel - A blend of modern ported aesthetics and lightweight durability. Ideal for 4-5 weight setups, designed to accompany anglers on every streamside journey.

5-6 weight class  

The LF shows the modern turbine world of machining and CF other shows a simplicity element of ageless taste
LF is a fully ported hyper durable in a small package
CF is the classic brother that thrives on simplicity.
Coming this Spring!
SEiGLER CF Fly Reel - A timeless design for 4-5 weight setups, blending simplicity with outstanding performance. Built with durability for effortless downstream adventures.
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