Our Advisory Guides "Our Problem Finders"

A "problem finder" is an individual or a role within a team that is adept at identifying issues, challenges, or areas of improvement within a given context. This person is skilled at recognizing potential problems or obstacles and may play a crucial role in problem-solving and innovation processes by bringing attention to areas that require attention or creative solutions. In many contexts, having a problem finder is valuable for proactive and strategic decision-making.
Dustin Huff running his Chittum Skiff. Fastest skiff on the water. Skiff going fast running on its pad. Skiff Porn

Dustin Huff
Marathon, FL 
Boats Chittum Skiffs
Reels-  SEiGLER XBF  & BFN
Rods- Hardy 
Sunglasses- Maui Jim's New Ski goggles
Species- Tarpon, Permit and Bonefish

Scott Owens
St. Simons Island
Chittum Skiff Mangrove 
Islamorada Boatworks 24
Reels- XBF, BF, SF
Rods- Gloomis or St. Criox
Lines- Scientific Anglers 
Sunglasses- Smith 
Species- Tarpon, Redfish and anything that swims

Brian Horsley 
Harker's Island NC
Boats- Jones Brothers 
Reels- SF, MF & BF
Rods- Sage
Lines-  Rio
Sunglasses- Maui Jim 
Species- Albies, Jacks and Redfish

Joe Rodriguez 
Sugarloaf, FL
Boats- Chittum Mangrove
Reels- XBF, BFN
Rods- Hardy & G Loomis
Lines- Scientific Angler
Sunglasses- Costa Jose's 
Species- Tarpon, Permit and Bonefish

Sarah Gardner
Outerbanks ,NC
Boats- Jones Brothers
Reels- 2 models
Rods- Sage
Lines- Rio 
Sunglasses- maui Jim
Species- Albie, Red fish and anything that swims
Capt. Joel Dickey, expert Seigler Fly Fishing Guide, skillfully holds a magnificent tarpon by the face on the side of the boat in the breathtaking Florida Keys. Experience the thrill of guided fly fishing adventures with Seigler Fishing Reels

Joel Dickey
Big Pine Key & Blue Ridge, GA 
Boats- Dolphin Super Skiff
Reels- SF, BFN &XBF
Rods- Thomas & Thomas
Lines- Scientific Anglers
Sunglasses- Bajio
Species- Tarpon, Bonefish and Mtn Trout 

Court Douthit 
Dunedin, FL
Boats- Bonefish Boatworks
Reels- XBF, BF & SF
Rods- Thomas & Thomas
Lines- Cortland
Sunglasses- Bajio
Species- Tarpon, Permit and Snook

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