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Seigler design and machine logo for CNC machining and milling.
SEiGLER Design & Machine is a small business located in Virginia Beach, VA that specializes in the design, machining, and assembly of high-quality products. Since 2009 we have been producing products in the very competitive consumer sporting goods industry. We make world-class fishing reels, 100% in the USA. We have evolved into a state of the art machine shop with tremendous machining and design capabilities. We know how to streamline and keep your work stateside by staying true to our mission of creating products 100% manufactured in the USA.

Our Diverse Offerings

  • Precision CNC machining and manufacturing
  • Design and engineering assistance
  • Reverse engineering
  • CAD drawings and modeling
  • CAD/CAM design
  • Complex multi-axis CNC mill machining
  • Complex multi-axis CNC turning with live tooling
  • High speed spindles
  • Multi-spindle lathe
  • Close tolerance part production capabilities
  • Short run R&D prototyping
  • Quick turnaround design assistance
  • Absolute quality control with the state of the art equipment
  • Engraving and marking with fiber and C02 lasers.