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SGN (Small Game Narrow) Slow Pitch Edition

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(Small Game Narrow Lever Drag)

The SGN Slow Pitch edition features a longer crank arm adding 2/3 of an inch (.71”) to our standard crank arm for increased leverage and a low profile reel foot. The low profile reel foot is designed for ultralight weight trigger style rods and those who do not wish to use a reel clamp. Unlike our standard reel foot, the low profile is post-less which adds comfort when gripping the rod. 

The SG Narrow fishing reel was built after we noticed an appeal for smaller and lighter reels with enough gusto for large inshore fish. Essentially our SG reel, the SGN is lighter but with the same stopping power for pulling those bottom fish out of their holes. If you're on a mission for species in shallower water where line capacity is secondary to power then this is the reel for you. 

Note:  Reels are built to order.  Please allow 1-2 days before shipping.

Proudly made in the USA

 Capacity: 350yds #30 Braid
 Drag: 3-30lbs
 Weight: 11.2oz
 Retrieve Per Crank: 38"
 Ball Bearings: 7
 Gear Ratio: 6:1